Look Again!

With Humility, this time.

Friday, November 10, 2023

An artist’s concept shows the Euclid space telescope, built by the European Space Agency (ESA) in operation, in this undated handout image. (European Space Agency/Reuters)

Euclid Starts Looking


Isaiah 5:21

Ah, you who are wise in your own eyes, and shrewd in your own sight! (Woe to you!)

1 Peter 5:5

In the same way, you who are younger must accept the authority of the elders. And all of you must clothe yourselves with humility in your dealings with one another, for ‘God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.’

Words of Grace For Today

From CBC news yesterday (Euclid Telescope):

“Dark matter and dark energy make up roughly 95 per cent of our universe but can’t be seen. In order to reveal their influence, over its six-year mission, the Euclid space telescope will observe the shapes, distances and motions of billions of galaxies out to 10 billion light-years and create the largest cosmic 3D map ever made….”

If ever there is an example of how arrogance and pride have no place in life, but how humility is the only manner for humans to approach all in life, it is in astronomy, especially these days with the Webb and now the Euclid Telescopes peering where we have always looked, yet now seeing more things than we ever could see before.

This is how it is in daily life as well, though perhaps less obviously so for us ‘wise’ and ‘proud’ people that we can be: What we were just looking at can be seen again, and it is completely different, revealing more of reality than we ever imagined before.

So God gives us eyes to see, and hearts to believe, and joy in trusting God to guide us, as we, even now remain more blind than seeing God’s universe all around us, God’s people all around us, God’s creation everywhere.

Every day is another opportunity to see anew what we thought we knew full well. Every day is chocked full of great delights, waiting for us to discover wonders of wonders. Unless of course pride has closed our eyes, hearts, and minds to what is and will sometime, maybe soon, be see-able and knowable by us.

(ESA/Euclid/Euclid Consortium/NASA; Image processing by J.-C. Cuillandre [CEA Paris-Saclay], G. Anselmi)

A new, spectacularly panoramic, and detailed view of the Horsehead Nebula.